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The Long Now Wait

January 19, 2010

Things bought so far already in the apartment for the coming kid:

A pram (blue)

A pair of super cute socks, size 0.

 This is my blog that will cover the first 12 months of our newborn child. As I write, the kid hasn’t arrived yet. Two more long weeks and the wait will be over, though my wife is more impatient than I am, considering the uncomfortable back pains that have surfaced in the last few months. But generally sleep patterns have been good with little pain, nausea or heartburn to report. Though I can’t say the same for my wife.

I guess we are mainly just impatient to meet her.

We know it’s a girl because a few months ago we had a specialised scan to determine the sex. We were happy it is a girl, purely as we had no male names that could cross the divide of Anglo-Australian (the father), French (where it will be brought up – or more precisely French-Swiss) and Bulgarian culture (the mother). But while it is in the womb, we referred to it lovingly as the “dag.”

I still have my doubts it is a girl. When we went for the scan, a youngish para-medic was on duty. He covered the raised stomach with gel, and put the whatever-you-call-it on the bulge as if he was painting a wall. He, like I, stared intently at the screen looking for giveaway tell tale signs for whether the sex chromosomes decided to be XX or XY.

All I saw were fused squiggly black and white lines, some black blobs, and lots of movements as things gurgled and growled inside. It was like trying to look at an abstract painting while falling out of a tree. Yet, from this mess, the young para-medic punk could confidently exclaim in French “it’s a girl, I can see its vagina” or something similar. No decorum. I can tell you now it is the last time till she’s 25 a non-family member or a qualified doctor vetted by me will see her vagina.

Despite, or because of, our lack of organisation, we see it is the start of a fantastic new adventure. Friends and family can be put into five categories concerning our expectant voyage (with thinly veiled nom-de-plumes).

  1. Shock and surprise one of us – ok, me – decided to have a child, become a responsible adult, and wishes us luck (Mr American Writer)
  2. Incredulity that one of us is fertile – ok, me – and wishes us luck (Mr Hairy One)
  3. Thinks it is about time we had a kid because they have three already, and wishes us luck (The BF).
  4. Believes that it will destroy everything we hold dear, including the relationship, and our life will enter a hell-hole of bitter disappointment because that’s how their life changed with a child, and wishes us luck (Ms Black).
  5. Feels that having a child is the most inconvenient thing possible, a hassle and we won’t be able to have a normal life again despite them not having any children and so no experience on the whole matter, and thinks you’re crazy (The Professor).
  6. Thinks it’s the greatest news ever, and can’t wait to babysit an hour a year, and wants one as well (Mr Runner).

Friends and family have actually been incredibly supportive and given us lots of confidence for the coming year. We’ll see how it all pans out!


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