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Five More Sleeps

January 27, 2010

Things we should be doing but can’t be arsed:

1. Choose a middle name.

Only a few more days left until the birth.

I tried to describe to a friend today how I felt before, as someone called it, the “Day of the Dag.”

Thinking of what life will be like after 1st February is a very abstract idea. A metaphor would be that it’s like trying to unsuccessfully peer over an immense wall, while people are standing behind you saying what you should be able to see if you could jump high enough.

We have had a lot of advice and suggestions, which I will try and list here (as always, with thinly veiled monikers).

Mr Orchestra reckons you shouldn’t hit your kids unless it’s in anger. (haha)

Slightly more helpful; no children ever died from crying i.e. don’t get too stressed by crying in the night, or in the middle of the supermarket (Dr. Karl.)

All children will get a temperature at sometime; so don’t get stressed by every little temperature bump (MartonMan).

You’ll find many securities you didn’t know you had after you have had children (Sister I).

Have the baby sleep in the pram instead of the cot in the first few months. It will feel more secure.

More prosaic is “It’s going to be like having a hand grenade going off in your relationship.”

I asked my wife if she had anything to add to this list. She looked into space for a moment, and said “not really, cause it seemed more like receiving a lecture than advice.” Can’t help but love her.

We did a course on illness and first aid for children, organised by an old friend. It was very helpful, and full of excellent advice such as “if your baby is choking, it’s better to bruise it than let it choke” and “we can fix broken ribs, but we can’t fix a dead child” (again about choking). You do have to hit them very hard on the back in this situation.

I guess Ms Ambassador’s Wife gave the most sage advice last night in the pub. “There is no advice you can get as each baby is going to be different.” Amen to that.

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  1. January 28, 2010 5:44 am

    Hey Addison…. the hand-grenade comment is nonsense…. unless the notion of change terrifies you the way the headlights of an 18-wheer might terrify a deer.

    There are over 6 billion of us on the planet, none as far as I can tell (except for some politicians) have been teleported here as fully shaped adults…

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